#4 MSVCR71D.dll was not found...


After Installation I'm getting this window

Title: AutoItRecoeder.exe - Unable To Locate Component
Content: This applicatian has failed to start because MSVCR71D.dll was not

I was trying on severall systems, it's always the same, the funny thing is
that i can see the MSVCR71D.dll file in C:\Program
Files\INET-Consulting\AutoIT-Recorder directory.

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    It should list several folders that it tried to locate the .dll in.
    Go to C:\Program
    Files\INET-Consulting\AutoIT-Recorder and Copy all of the MSCVxxxx.dll's to one of the folder's it lists.
    If it doesn't list folders, then copy them into your system folder.

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    This is because the installer is copying the full executable to the Start Menu, what you need to do is go to the install folder and create a short cut of the executable and drag it to your start menu and delete the one that is created by the install. Or you can just drag it to your desktop and not use the one in the start menu. Happy Scripting

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    Copying the files into windows\system32 seems to work

  • Placing C:\Program Files\INET-Consulting\AutoIT-Recorder in my path fixed this problem.