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Checklist for finishing version 1.06

Over guessing when I will finish version 1.06 I will present a check list of things I have to get done so you will know when I am getting close.

Custom Database
1. Test and finish Races
2. Test and finish Professions
3. Test and finish Cultures
4. Test and finish Skills
5. Test and finish Spells
6. Test and finish Defenses
7. Test and finish Encounters
8. Test and finish Herbs/Poisons
9. Test and finish Items
10. Test and finish Magic Items
11. Test and finish Maneuvers
12. Test and finish Monsters
13. Test and finish Statistics
14. Test and finish Talents
15. Test and finish Training Packages
16. Test and finish Weapons
17. Test and finish Criticals
18. Implement New, Open, Close, Duplicate books
18.1: make sure all database books are updated according to Harp Fantasy changes.

20. Beta testing... read more

Posted by David Klecker 2015-02-02

Musings on an NPC Generator

I'll gotten a few people to ask about including an NPC generator: either a random NPC generator or just a wizard which creates an NPC. These are both great ideas, however there is something to mention about both. With a random NPC generator, that will take time. I probably won't get to that until after I finish up the Custom Database Application. In regards to a NPC creator via Wizard, well... that already kinda exists. ... read more

Posted by David Klecker 2014-05-09

AutoHARP Patch Install

I have made available a patch install which will address an issue with the Harp Sci-Fi Character creation. This is an issue that effects both the Harp Fantasy and Harp Sci-Fi side of things so I highly recommend that all users download the patch and apply it. To patch, follow these directions.

1) Be sure you have the application version 1.0.5 installed and all your databases installed.
2) Download proper patch file to computer. For Linux/Ubuntu users you want the .jar file. For Windows users, you want the .exe file.
3) Run installer.
4) Select the path where your application resides. It will overwrite the applications only, not the databases. This patch contains only the files that are necessary to patch the application. This is why it is necessary to have version 1.0.5 already installed. ... read more

Posted by David Klecker 2014-04-30

Check List for Version 1.0.6

The first thing to mention is I will now post blogs to SourceForge over posting blogs to Google. I feel as if no one is reading that blog and that it would be better to keep this project in one place over multiple places. I will also try to make more regular updates. Version 1.0.5 has just been released which certainly shows how the application has come a long way from its initial release. But there is still more work to be done. ... read more

Posted by David Klecker 2014-04-30