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Daily update

Now preparing a new project. With advanced hack features, with a new menu, and with A COMPLETE SAM DUMPING UTILITY !! :)

Posted by Vincent281298 2012-09-07

Avalanche Toolkit 2.2.0

New release ! (Now post will be in English)

This 2.2.0 release offer :
- Better start screen
- Better security
- Fastest than ever

Next release (2.2.1) : I think I will do a totally new shell, fastier and simplier.

For special guests : Ready for MineSweeper :P

Posted by Vincent281298 2012-09-06

Avalanche Toolkit Lite et Ultimate 2.1.0 !

Bonjour à tous,

La version 2.1.0 de Avalanche Toolkit est sortie ! Vous pouvez la télécharger ici :

Elle comporte diverse nouveautées, comme un design revu ou un nettoyage du code.

Posted by Vincent281298 2012-09-03