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Welcome to the Wiki for Atom!

If you have any questions please go to the support forum on the discussions page here at Support.

Please remember to leave feedbackfor your thoughts and ideas for the game and where it should be developed, here at Feedback.

Enjoy the game!

Project Admins:

  • Zakk

    Atom is an arcade-style shooting game , created by Zachary Wormleighton, that uses the keyboard and mouse to control a 2D atom in an arena. The player must shoot enemies (green atoms) by aiming with the mouse and left-clicking. The game uses a WASD keyboard control system to move the player in the game. The game includes: health, ammo, score, a highscore table, an endless onslaught of enemy atoms, a level system where the computer spawns more enemies the higher the level, as well as sound effects and music. The game is still in development stage Alpha. Multi-player is going to be a key future development feature for the later release of the game. Different gameplay modes, including a story mode, is also going to be implemented into the game in the later release.

    Last edit: Zakk 2012-04-03