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astromech-ros is a package to interface and control an Astromech Droid (Star Wars' R2-D2 and friends) replica using Willow Garage's ROS Robot Operating System. The project's goal is to build a modular architecture that allows the creation of a fully autonomous droid, but also makes it easy and fun to automate your droid even if you don't want a completely autonomous system.

astromech-ros is currently undergoing a rewrite / restructuring. Please contact the maintainer before you try to use it!

This Wiki assumes that you already know how to build an Astromech replica, or you're in the process of building one, or you have built one already. If you would like to build an Astromech but have no idea how, please register with the R2 builders' club and look through the web pages and the forum there. They have tons of information.

Current work

  • [The SARLACC protocol] (short for Serial Astromech Remote Link for Adequate Command and Control) is a protocol for communication between an astromech_base node on a PC and a microcontroller-based droid controller.
  • [Certifying Turtlebot compatibility]. The Turtlebot is a popular commercial robot which integrates well with ROS and has many things in common with an Astromech droid.
  • [Making a mobile frontend], i.e. using an iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) or an Android device to control the autonomous droid.

Read this first

[Safety Considerations]


Please consult these tutorials to see how to use astromech-ros and how to prepare your droid for the features it provides.

Technical Details

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RViz showing the r2d2.urdf model

Project Admins:


Wiki: Certifying Turtlebot compatibility
Wiki: prepare your droid for autonomous motion