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Release of ASTRA 3.0.6

The latest download for the ASTRA Programming Language, which is available
as a plugin to the Eclipse IDE, can be obtained from:


ASTRA 3.0 is a complete rewrite of the ASTRA interpreter that removes all use of reflection at
runtime. The current version of the language contains all the basic features of ASTRA:
* AgentSpeak style plan rules
* Teleo-Reactive functions
* Partial plans
* Typed variables
* API definition through annotated Java classes
* Integration with EIS and CARTAGO
* Adheres to and integrated with Java Namespace... read more

Posted by Rem Collier 2014-03-04

Introduction of CARTAGO Signal Events

Signals are events that are generated by Cartago artifacts. They will be modelled in ASTRA as custom events @cartago(signal, formula f) where f is a predicate representing the signal.

e.g. for the Counter artifact, there is a tick signal - this would take the form:

@cartago(signal, tick())

to make this work, i will need to refactor CartagoPropertyEvent to be CartagoEvent and to add the signal type...... read more

Posted by Rem Collier 2013-06-16