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    Alpha 15

    - No more Firmata
    - New Arduino code with custom serial communication
    - Datalog to SQL Server Database
    - Cleaned up Export to HTML
    - Scrapped graphs in Labs
    - New History tab allows you to select a date range to
      view datalog data in graphs.
    - No more 'Adding Devices', instead the program looks
      for sensor names in serial communication message.
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    Old Changelog:

    Alpha 14

    - Lots of fixes
    - Scrapped the webserver idea; now the program exports all
      of the sensor values to an HTML file which can be hosted
      by something secure like Apache
    - Optimized the GUI for use on a tablet pc as a touchscreen

    Alpha 13

    - Added a webserver that displays all sensor values.
    Warning: Alpha 14 will include the ability to change the
    webserver options, but right now it is setup to
    automatically run upon starting the program on port 8091.
    Too see your sensor values just goto:

    Alpha 12

    - Can Load / Save Settings
    - Fixed 'second' timers

    Alpha 11

    - Auto Load Settings fixes some issues.
    - Fixed Status Labels
    - Minor changes

    Alpha 10

    - Load all Email Settings, Devices, SetPoints, Timers
    - Diagnostic Analog Values Fixed

    Alpha 9

    - Timers are working You can choose On Time / Off Time 
    Timer, On Time / For Duration Timer (and set which days 
    each timer is active)
    - Setpoints added; if you setup a temperature sensor for 
    example, then you you couldset 'if the temperature goes 
    above 27 degrees Celsius, turn on a pin' (which could be a 
    - All alerts with email are working; they are based on 
    StatusLabels MinValue/MaxValue.
    - Importing Tabs is easier, and everything is stored in an 
    Access Database which can be 'hacked' at will. (There's an 
    included example for Ebb and Flow)

    Alpha 8

    - Minor changes

    Alpha 7

    What works so far:
    1) All Readings from sensors (analog i/o)
    2) All Digital Outputs (to control 5V pin off of 
    controller, which in turn could run anything you can think 
    of; in this case a relay to control something that is 120V 
    or 240V or what-ever...)
    3) All Graphs / Gauges
    4) All Water timers (with any interval you want ---> think 
    15 minute water cycle is too much? Customize!)
    5) Light Timer
    6) Alarm Log (pH too high, pH too low, High Humidty, Low 
    Humidity, High Temp, Low Temp, and anything else you can 
    think of - reservoir temp, plant temp, lumens, whatever!)
    7) Pin Configuration (add/remove sensor, relay, etc or 
    change pin) - including device calibration formula - ex: 
    1.728x^2 + 0.85x + 10 --> program subs in raw analog value 
    for x
    8) Email Alert
    9) Customizable Interface ---> add a tab for each room and 
    the associated stuff you want to control in that room. - 
    can add Button, Label, StatusLabel, Gauge, Graph, Image
    10) Can Import a new tab now, working on the export ---> 
    4/25/2010 (save a page with gauges, buttons, etc and open 
    later, or by default)
    11) Relay/Interface Box done - might add some acrylic to 
    make it look special
    Currently working on
    1) User log
    2) Maybe I'll add webcam support - but there's already so 
    many apps that already do this and probably more securely.
    3) Waiting for my ethernet module and wireless modules to 
    4) Might need to add an SD card for a log / settings - ~$15
    5) I'll add wifi later when I need it
    6) Maybe a smart-phone web interface? We'll see, a little 
    overkill right now.
    7) Independent Arduino Code
    8) Manage Events (Add,Remove,Create)?
    9) Export Tab - save the layout of all controls

    Alpha 6

    Well you get the idea
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