#417 problem with layered textures?

Guillermo Pérez

I have some problems with objects getting out of their place, at least by a moment. See this picture by example:

When up to modify a layered texture, the character get's out of his place.

Some days ago Francois told me "layered textures can be tricky and a bug can easily slip in."

Well, the error just happens sometimes. I had a character with this behavior two weeks ago. I used to move out of his place, but not only when i was up to modify the layered texture. I could happen by example when closing the PM editor. So i restarted AoI, and the mesh couldn't be loaded anymore. I gave an error:


... and i loosed that particular mesh, but not the others. Not only in one file: i had the same character in another file and it's loosed to.


Fortunately, this only happen one time. I mean, the corruption. But the displacement of the objects is oftener. And is maybe related with layered textures, but i can't tell.


  • Certainly, the strange movements are not a problem caused by layered textures. Working on a simple scene, with simple textures, it happened too. An object moved out of it's place for a while and then went back.