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Ant-Webserver passes stability testing

After 1 solid month of running and serving public requests over the internet (and a 51580 line log file), the ANT web/telnet server can be called stable!

It has been up for Months: 1 Days: 3 Hours: 4 Minutes: 13 Seconds: 10 according to the internal timer (4 week months - Not calander months) and still kickin.

The ANT web/telnet server is a very low overhead server designed for home usage. It can run full out muds, or operate as a regular webserver with a built in chat service. It uses an average of 1.2% system memory (out of 256mb).... read more

Posted by Matthew 2006-07-10

ANT-Webserver Pre-Release 1

ANT Pre-release 1.0 is out! This is the first pre-release in the ANT engine.
ANT is a secure, fast, low-overhead, low cpu, low memory, feature rich http/1.1 compliant server. It does full PHP via the php cgi sapi.
It should be great for home servers, and possibly commercial 64-bit servers(yet to be tested with commercial 64-bit hardware w/ tons of ram and tons of clients)
It offers copyover (launching the new binary without disconnecting clients for immediate and seemless upgrades). ANT offers a secure and intuitive telnet interface for some run-time configuration, chatting, and eventually rpg game play; Maximum user cap to limit simultanious users editable through a configuration file; working html and color substitution flags (eg, <BLUE> &lt;BLUE&gt; translates to blue in both html and telnet properly, which makes coloring web page text much easier); A secure web-based interface for the telnet interface; A router interface for other telnet based servers so users can use ant to play their favorite existing rpg servers (with light modifications), server target and port editable through a configuration file; A built in forums system that shares usernames and passwords with the internal system; a bytecode interpretor for creating bytecode scripts; and more!
The pre-release should work with very little configuration (except maybe setting up php, although it will work fine without it)

Posted by Matthew 2006-02-09

Ant-Engine Almost 1.0

ANT is almost ready for 1.0. With the CVS version containing such features as full PHP support with php-CGI(NOT cli), a custom bytecode interpretor, super-fast reboots without dropping users, real-time no page-refresh web based "chatting&playing" through the virtual "world" web interface, only a 300kb footprint for each user, all while keeping telnet working for basic chatting/playing, it's turning out to be not to shabby of a server. Check it out!

Posted by Matthew 2006-02-01