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  • David White
    David White

    I agree with the sentiments expressed by this article:

    For the last few weeks, I've been handling both clients who are Klez-infected, and those who aren't infected but have gotten a message from Amavis that tells them they probably are.  Maybe the notice(s) Amavis sends out should be updated?

    Here's what I'm using now:

                               V I R U S  A L E R T

    This automated message is to let you know that our virus scanner
    found the


    virus(es) in an e-mail that seems to be from you, addressed to the
    following recipient(s):


    Many viruses, once they infect your computer, will automatically send
    virus-infected e-mail messages to random recipients using your e-mail
    addresses.  However, certain viruses (such as "Klez") may send e-mail
    messages that *appear* to be from you, but in fact come from someone
    else.  So it is possible that your machine is not virus-infected.

    Please check your system for viruses, or ask your system administrator
    to do so.  If you do not have an anti-virus program, consider
    downloading a free program like AVG ( or
    purchasing a program such as Norton AntiVirus (
    or McAfee VirusScan (

    Thank you.