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#7 Support for sub-folders

Ethan Sommer
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Greg Kilfoyle

I used Althea for the first time yesterday and it did
not recognise the folders which contain other folders
on my IMAP server. I'm using the UW IMAP server.

I cannot use Althea without this facility.


  • Daler

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    When we originally started althea we discussed and argued
    and fought over whether or not to support sub-folders. I
    think our final decision was that it was a feature that was
    going to make our data s-=tructure a lot more complicated
    and so in the interest of getting something stable done
    quickly (we only had 10 weeks to get something done) we
    didn't include sub-folders. There is of course, room to
    change in althea and so knowing that you want this feature
    is important to us considering a data change. I'm curious
    to know how you use sub-folders. I'm starting to believe
    that it might be a good feature since you could have a
    "Development" folder and under this folder you could have a
    folder for each development list you were subscribed to,
    like "Althea-Devel List." More to think about....

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    Same thing here -- I've got about six years of saved mail
    in nested folders, originally built in Eudora then copied
    to my Linux host in mbox format. Outlook Express and
    Eudora 5 both grumble about finding directories under
    ~/mail rather than just mbox files, but they DO handle it.
    E.g. I have a "Finance" folder that is broken down
    into "Banking", "Insurance", and so forth. I could
    flatten the hierarchy but it would be a lot of work and the
    result would be much less useful. It would require a very
    tall window, or a lot of scrolling, or both.

    What I'm doing now is reading and discarding a lot of stuff
    in mutt on the Linux box, then moving to a Windows box and
    using Eudora as my IMAP client to drag-and-drop the things
    I want to file away permanently. Yeah, it's as icky as it
    sounds. (Eudora's so confused that it displays TWO folders
    named "inbox"!)

    I was really excited to hear about a Linux IMAP client with
    a GUI. I appreciate your efforts, and hope you can
    accomodate this feature request. Thanks!

  • Ethan Sommer
    Ethan Sommer

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    Done. Sub folders are not supported to some extent... they
    will be listed as


    in the tree... ideally I think we would want them to be in
    subtrees, but this is a start....

  • Ethan Sommer
    Ethan Sommer

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