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Airpwn 1.4 released - again!

A nasty packaging error has crept into the airpwn 1.4 release I made 2 days ago, resulting in files missing from the tarball. I've re-uploaded the release to the SourceForge servers, this time with all files packaged. So, if you were experiencing errors related to "802_11.h" missing when compiling airpwn, simply re-download the release from the original download link.

Happy Airpwn'ing and sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Posted by Gabor Stefanik 2009-05-29

After a long break - Airpwn 1.4 is out!

Airpwn 1.4 has just been released!

This release introduces support for mac80211 drivers, meaning that you no longer have to use ancient kernels (well, they weren't ancient back when 1.3 came out, but never underestimate the power of bitrot) and/or out-of-kernel drivers to use airpwn.
To achieve this, lorcon has been updated to the latest SVN version, and the ability to remove radiotap headers from incoming captures was added to airpwn.
This is also the first release managed by me (Gábor Stefanik AKA .NetRolller 3D), and marks the beginnings of airpwn as a project.... read more

Posted by Gabor Stefanik 2009-05-27

Airpwn 1.3 Released

Airpwn 1.3 has been released.

The biggest new feature is the ability to provide large response files larger than the interface MTU. Airpwn will break the response into multiple segments and transmit them in order. (This works best if your wifi driver has been configured not to retransmit packets.)

Posted by Bryan Burns 2006-07-28

Airpwn 1.20 - now with WEP!

Something I always wanted airpwn to do was handle WEP encrypted connections. Now by specifying one or more WEP keys with the -k argument you can decrypt WEP packets, match your data, and send the spoofed response w/ the proper WEP encryption. The world of wireless just got a little more pwned!

Posted by Bryan Burns 2006-06-30

1.10 Release

Airpwn 1.10 release is ready to download. It adds support for 802.11g and 802.11a networks using pretty much any linux wireless card. The best part is only one card is needed now, making airpwn much more practical for casual use.

Thanks to Joshua Wright from the LORCON project to make this release possible.

Posted by Bryan Burns 2006-06-24

Coming Soon!

As demonstrated at DefCon 12, airpwn is a framework for generic content injection on an 802.11 network. Coming soon!

Posted by Bryan Burns 2004-08-03