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AcOS redesign

I am currently in the process of restructuring acos code slightly, altering some of the files.

I also want to further investigate the possibility of adding support for amd64 processors to the project.

As a result of this, the CVS will be moved. The new project will be under 'acos-32' for the standard intel 32bit cpu compatible.

AMD64 if development can be performed will be provided through 'acos-64'.... read more

Posted by Simon Paulger 2004-07-01


The latest AcOS code is now released under CVS.
Goto or use the web based cvs browsing facilities.

Please note, the code in acos-latest module on cvs is however development code and thus may not work correctly.

File releases will continue.


Posted by Simon Paulger 2004-02-11

AcOS src 0.1.1b test released

New released of acos source 0.1.1b test available.
Contains incomplete functions, will be completed in the upcoming 0.1.2b test release.

Posted by Simon Paulger 2003-11-11