Audio ripped of NTSC interrupts regularly

Uwe Dippel
  • Uwe Dippel
    Uwe Dippel

    I'm aware of the sync problem, but here I also get regular, quite short but audible breaks in the audio signal when ripping NTSC with 29.97 frames.
    Only a little annoying are some colour artefacts in the lower 4-5 lines.
    Yes, I read the mencoder man-pages, but I have no good clue, still. Probably I know too little about image processing.
    I could even suggest to add an option to acidrip if there is a solution.
    (acidrip 0.12 with mencoder 1.0-pre5 on Debian Sarge)

    • i would suggest you refer this question to the mplayer-users mailing list accessible from the mplayer home page, if you believe that this output s caused by a configuration issue backed out by acidrip, then please reply, however i have no ntsc media at all to test this with. I have lso never heard of something like this before, but i'm always willing to change my opinion!