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acFTP - FTP server for Win32 / News: Recent posts

acFTP binary 1.5 released

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2006-07-18

About the bug in the USER command


This bug was fixed at 2005-03-17 (14:57) (diff: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/acftp/src/proto/ftp/commands.f\). The fixed binary is included into Eserv/3 ( http://www.eserv.ru/ )

It also could be patched in the old acFTP.exe binary using the following lines in the OnStartup.rules.txt configuration file:

S" -" SetUri
NextWord $USER S!
" 331 Password required{CRLF}" 331 PostFtpResult

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2006-05-10

acFTP binary released

acFTP binary released

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2001-09-27

Source code imported to CVS

Browse CVS for details.

Posted by Andrey Cherezov 2001-04-11