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Tom Roche
Tom Roche

> Comment By: David Burley (burley)
> Date: 2005-09-30 08:35

> MySQL 4.1.10a was rolled out today and made live
> on production, along with a centralized
> phpMyAdmin install. Projects can now have more
> than one database and have 3 different database
> users with different permissions.

> Site Documentation on MySQL:
> https://www.sf.net/docs/E07#mysql

> An email will follow in the coming week to
> outline the details of this change along with
> migration details.

So need to

* ensure wiki {is using, works with} new MySQL
* remove local phpMyAdmin
* use centralized phpMyAdmin
* ensure backup works with centralized phpMyAdmin


  • Tom Roche
    Tom Roche

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    "SourceForge.net Team" 10/06/2005 09:33:21 AM:
    > (All SourceForge.net project admins are getting
    > this mail. We send this type of mailing out from
    > time to time to make sure project admins are
    > well-informed about major service changes.)

    > Greetings, SourceForge.net project admin,

    > Announcement of new MySQL 4.1 service:

    > Recently, many projects have noted performance
    > problems with our project web service and
    > project database service (based on MySQL
    > 3.23.x).

    > It is our pleasure to report that these
    > performance problems have been resolved and we
    > have launched a new project database service
    > offering, available now. This new service
    > offering, based on MySQL 4.1.x, will replace our
    > existing MySQL 3.23.x service.

    > An overview of this, and other recent
    > enhancements has been posted to our Site
    > Enhancements list at:
    > https://sourceforge.net/docs/A03/

    > Details of our new database offering:

    > * Provides MySQL 4.1.x (the latest production
    > release of MySQL) service to projects, in a
    > manner that will allow us to more readily scale
    > to meet future capacity needs.

    > * Allows projects to create multiple databases,
    > and provides three user accounts to access these
    > databases (one each with read-only, read-write,
    > and admin access).

    > * Provides a centralized install of phpMyAdmin,
    > allowing easy management of project databases,
    > and eliminates the need for projects to maintain
    > their own phpMyAdmin install.

    > * This service is available for project use
    > immediately and documented at:
    > https://sourceforge.net/docs/E07/#mysql

    > Notes on migration:

    > To free additional resources to improve our
    > MySQL 4.1.x service offering, we plan to
    > discontinue MySQL 3.23.x service. Projects are
    > responsible for migrating any existing database
    > applications to the new MySQL 4.1.x service.

    > A list of major features added since MySQL
    > 3.23.x is available at the following URLs:
    > http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/nutshell-4-1-features.html
    > http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/nutshell-4-0-features.html

    > As migration of data is application-specific,
    > you may need to do some research in order to
    > make the switch. We encourage you to review the
    > documentation that comes with your applications,
    > and contact the groups that develop those
    > applictions if you need assistance.

    > Changes to MySQL from 3.23.x to 4.1.x are
    > detailed at:

    > http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/upgrading-from-3-23.html
    > http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/upgrading-from-4-0.html

    > Notice of planned shutdown of MySQL 3.23
    > service:

    > MySQL 3.23 service will be shut down on
    > 2005-11-01. MySQL data remaining in these
    > databases will be removed at that time. Please
    > migrate your data and applications to our MySQL
    > 4.1.x service prior to 2005-11-01, if desired.

    > We'll handle the clean-up of old MySQL 3.23 data
    > -- no need to do any house cleaning on the old
    > database before we shut down that service.

    > We believe our new MySQL service offering is a
    > dramatic improvement, and will meet the needs of
    > most projects.

    > Questions or concerns (if not answered in our
    > Site Documentation), please submit a Support
    > Request at:

    > If you believe you have received this message in
    > error, please contact us by Support Request
    > (link above).