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Once the game is started, the driver will be placed on the starting grid and given a count down to the race start. Once the race starts the controls assigned in the 'Controls' menu will control the motion of the car.

For a practice session there will be a single car, for all other races there may be a number of others (human or robots). Generally the race will continue until all drivers complete the required number of laps, or they are disqualified due to damage or running out of fuel. Some endurance races require a particular amount for the race to run.

Pressing 'Esc' will allow for the race to be Abandoned, Restarted (drivers replaced on Grid) or Resumed (from the current point in the race). The game can also be Quit completely.

Help Screen

The 'F1' key will pause the race a bring up a list of keyboard controls. These are fixed, and not those assigned for each human driver. Generally 'F2' though 'F9' will control the camera, changing which view point is displayed. Number keys '1' through '5' control the on screen gui/boards, 'm' controls the on-screen map. 'PG-UP' and 'PG-DN' select which driver the view is for, this enables seeing the race from the point of view of one of the robots.

Split Screen

SpeedDreams? has a split screen feature, where the view from more than one car can be displayed simultaneously. The number of split screens is controlled with the '(' and ')' keys, the arrangement/positioning of the splits is controlled by the '_' key.

The split screen arrangement can be used to enable a multi-player (more than one human) race, where each player would want to see the view from their own car.

Hint: The split screen arrangement may not be correct at the start of the race. Use 'P' to pause the race countdown, and then 'PG-UP/DN', '(', ')' and '_' to configure the views as required.

Pit Stops

During the race, a player may enter the pits to refuel or repair damage. This is performed by slowing to a stop in-front of the pit door allocated for you (as per grid position). Once stopped, a menu will be displayed where you can enter the amount of fuel to be loaded or repairs to be done.

Note: During a race if a human player enters the pits the race will automatically be paused. This can be a little awkward for a multi-player split screen race, but rest assured the cries of 'I'm going to crash!!' from the other players are ill-founded.