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Removing a Project

At SourceForge.net, we feel a commitment to ensuring the long-term availability of the Open Source code released by the projects we host. We will weigh requests for project removal against the community value of leaving the project intact.

When we receive a request for project removal, we consider the following:

  • Has the project been registered less than 90 days? If so, the project will not be removed.
  • Has the project released files? If not, we will honor the removal request.
  • Does the request include legal justification, such as mention of a DMCA violation, trademark infringement or Terms of Service abuse problem related to the project? If it does, we consider this on a case-by-case basis.
  • Has the project merged with another project on SourceForge.net? If the project has been merged and all project materials (CVS/Subversion repository data, mailing lists, file releases) have been moved to the new project, we'll honor the removal request.
  • Projects which have moved to another hosting provider are typically retained at SourceForge.net (though you can make a note on the project web site and project summary page directing users to the new home) for sake of retaining materials of historical value.
  • Projects that are moving to closed source do not qualify for removal.

Alternatives to Project Removal

Orphaning and relocation are two ways to leave the data intact on a SourceForge.net project while gaining some of the benefits of project removal. Our goal is to generally leave projects intact on SourceForge.net even if the original development team no longer wishes to continue development or support. Options are available to project administrators to tag the project as inactive (Orphaning the project) or to provide notification of a new development location (Relocating the project). These options are listed on the "Removal" section of the Project Admin pages.

Specific types of data may be removed from a project without the removal of the entire project. Details regarding the removal of each specific project data type are listed in other sections of this document.

Takeover of existing, inactive projects will be considered by SourceForge.net staff.

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