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Ticket #26057 (closed: fixed)

Opened 23 months ago

Last modified 22 months ago

Error while checking out projects

Reported by: rooparanip Owned by: ctsai
Keywords: PEND Cc: Roopa@…
Private: no



I created a couple of projects (scimale and bilder) recently and checked a few files. When I try to check out, i get the following errors:

Fetching external item into 'scimake'
svn: warning: Decompression of svndiff data failed

Updated to revision 6

and scimake is empty:
$ ls scimake/

Similar problems for bilder
$ svn co svn+ssh://rooparanip@svn.code.sf.net/p/bilder/code/trunk bildersf
A    bildersf/bildvars.sh
A    bildersf/detech-x.txt
A    bildersf/findProjectDir.sh
A    bildersf/setinstald.sh
A    bildersf/bilderpy.sh
A    bildersf/patches
A    bildersf/patches/ftgl-2.1.3-rc5.patch
A    bildersf/patches/trilinos-10.0.5.patch
A    bildersf/patches/cmake-2.8.1.patch
A    bildersf/patches/babel-1.5.0-r6860.patch
A    bildersf/patches/matplotlib.setup.py.patch
A    bildersf/patches/adios-1.2.patch
A    bildersf/patches/visit-mdurant_embedded-rHEAD.patch
A    bildersf/patches/atlas-3.9.35.patch
A    bildersf/patches/zlib-1.2.6.patch
svn: Reading one svndiff window read beyond the end of the representation

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Changed 23 months ago by ctsai

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We've been seeing reports of repository corruption when writing to SVN over https. Once the repository is corrupted, further operations will fail regardless of the protocol used, so even if you've switched to using svn+ssh, you'll still have problems until the corruption is removed. I believe the best way to recover this is as follows:

1) obtain a dump of the SVN repository using rsync (be sure to follow the "SourceForge 2.0 Beta Project SCMs" section towards the bottom, *not* the "Subversion" section under "Classic Project SCMs")

2) use the svndumpfilter tool to remove the corrupted revision(s).

3) once you have a clean repository, import that and overwrite your repo on the site following these instructions.

Other users have suggested that just removing the offending file(s) may also work, but it may cause problems with checkouts of specific revisions that still contain the corrupted file. I think removing those revisions completely should provide a cleaner solution.

Alternatively, if you don't care about maintaining the history, you could always just remove the repository completely and start it over again, just checking in the latest versions of the files from your local copies. Deleting and re-creating can be done via Admin -> Tools.

Also, once you have a clean repository, make sure to use svn+ssh for any write operations instead of https.

Let me know if this helps!

Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

PS. I also note that you're using svn+ssh:// already (as per the logs you pasted) however, other developers on your project may not, so you should double-check with them to make sure they use svn+ssh:// from now on.

Changed 22 months ago by ctsai

  • status changed from assigned to closed
  • resolution set to fixed


I just tried a checkout of your project and I got a checkout without errors, so I assume you took my advice.

Please log a new ticket if you require further assistance.

Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

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