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Ticket #22625 (closed: wontfix)

Opened 2 years ago

Last modified 20 months ago

[Mailing lists]: mailarchive: Opening an individual post as an anon user redirects to SF login page

Reported by: legatvs Owned by: ctsai
Keywords: ENGR NF-3197 Cc:
Private: no


An attempt to display an individual post from the mail archive of quvi-announce, as an anon user, redirects to the SF login page, instead of displaying the requested post.

Example: quvi-announce URL that redirects to the login page


The anon users should be able to display the individual posts, as seen here with the cclive-announce and nomnom-announce lists:

<http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=28235644> ;# cclive
<http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=28360114> ;# nomnom

As far as I can tell, the quvi-announce (mailman) configuration is identical to those used with cclive-announce and nomnom-announce (apart from the obvious differences, e.g. list names).

The quvi project's "Mailing Lists" page at:

<https://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=354489> ;# logged in as prj admin

Does not reveal anything, either. All of the quvi lists' "Visibility" properties are set to "Public".

It's worth noting that this happens with all of the quvi mailing list archives (quvi-announce, quvi-commits and quvi-devel). I'd like to be able to refer to the individual posts in all of these archives.

Thanks in advance.

Change History

in reply to: ↑ description   Changed 2 years ago by legatvs

Replying to legatvs:

It's worth noting that this happens with all of the quvi mailing
list archives (quvi-announce, quvi-commits and quvi-devel).

Correction: only quvi-announce list is affected by this.

  Changed 2 years ago by ctsai

  • keywords ENGR NF-3197 added
  • owner set to ctsai
  • status changed from new to assigned


So, in my testing, if I have the archive set to "Nested" or "Flat", it provides links like the ones you mention previously, and they exhibit the issues you mention.

If you view the archives in "Ultimate" or "Threaded", the links are in a different format which can be viewed anonymously, like this: https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=20111106233204.22bf6c14%40gmail.com&forum_name=quvi-announce

I'm escalating this issue to our engineering team here: https://sourceforge.net/p/allura/tickets/3197/

Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

  Changed 20 months ago by ctsai

  • status changed from assigned to closed
  • resolution set to wontfix


We are planning to do a complete rewrite of the mail archive views for the new SourceForge system. This issue is not going to be addressed specifically, but shouldn't affect the rewrite. As this isn't going to be address in the current system, I'm marking this ticket as "wontfix"

Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

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