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and .


17:19 Download edited by chrfranke
Update list of bootable CDs (diff)


20:53 Ticket #65 (059f:1019 LaCie, Ltd Desktop Hard Drive supported by -d usbjmicron) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3077.
20:48 Changeset [3077] by chrfranke
USB ID updates: - LaCie? Desktop Hard Drive - Prolific PL2507 (unsupported) …
20:43 Supported_USB-Devices edited by chrfranke
Add LaCie?, Seagate FreeAgent? Go FW, WD My Book, Myson and Prolific (diff)


18:40 Ticket #65 (059f:1019 LaCie, Ltd Desktop Hard Drive supported by -d usbjmicron) created by bigon
Hi, Bus 001 Device 006: ID 059f:1019 LaCie?, Ltd Desktop Hard Drive is …
01:10 Ticket #63 (3ware support at DEVICESCAN) closed by phr3ak-
fixed: both features works fine. thank you.


22:50 Ticket #64 (Replace DEVICESCAN by something more flexible) created by chrfranke
It would be more flexible if names with wildcards and multiple names in a …
22:23 Changeset [3076] by chrfranke
Linux: Add '/dev/sd[a-c][a-z]' to smartd DEVICESCAN.
22:01 Changeset [3075] by chrfranke
smartd: Other config entries may precede DEVICESCAN.


21:47 Download edited by chrfranke
Update FreeBSD and Gentoo package info, some syntax fixes (diff)


17:28 Ticket #63 (3ware support at DEVICESCAN) created by phr3ak-
- please support 3ware devices at devicescan. - or accept the devicescan …


16:45 Download edited by chrfranke
Add Clonezilla Live CD (diff)


23:00 Changeset [3074] by chrfranke
Windows: Use '.win64' in names of 64-bit binary packages. Use correct …
19:49 Changeset [3073] by chrfranke
Add update script to make targets 'dist' and 'clean', set +x permission, …


22:01 Ticket #59 (external drivedb) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3072.
21:56 Changeset [3072] by chrfranke
Add 'update-smart-drivedb' script (ticket #59).
21:17 Changeset [3071] by manfred99
drivedb.h updates: - Seagate …


16:28 Changeset [3070] by chrfranke
Makefile.am: Fix unix2dos and makensis parameters to allow to build the …
12:47 Download edited by chrfranke
Rework table of live systems, add version info, remove FC and Knoppix (diff)


17:59 Ticket #62 (4K info from IDENTIFY DEVICE) created by tomk007
I checked the ATA/ATAPI specification and it seems it may be possible to …
17:34 Ticket #61 (smartctl running like other user different from root) created by ferent
I need some help or explanation, i need to run smartctl like other user …


12:58 Ticket #60 (DEVICESCAN and hotplug) created by mhlavink
Hi, one our user has complained about behaviour for hot-plugging. Smartd …
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