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Release 5.40 RELEASE_5_40

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1smartmontools NEWS
5The most up-to-date version of this file is:
8Date 2010-10-16
9Summary: smartmontools release 5.40
11- Other config entries may precede smartd DEVICESCAN.
12- Option '-v' allows to specify byte order of attribute raw value
13- configure: New default value for '--with-docdir'.
14- configure: '--enable-drivedb' is now the default.
15- Improved support for Intel SSDs.
16- Improved support for SandForce based SSDs.
17- Drive database is in a separate source file 'drivedb.h'
18  which can be downloaded from SVN.
19- USB ID info is now included in 'drivedb.h'.
20- Many additions to drive database.
21- New script 'update-smart-drivedb'.
22- smartd libcap-ng support, option '-C, --capabilities'.
23- smartd directive '-l xerror' to check Extended Comprehensive
24  SMART Error Log.
25- smartctl option '-l scterc[,...]' to get/set the
26  SCT Error Recovery Control time limit.
27- smartctl option '-t vendor,N'.
28- smartctl options '--scan, --scan-open'.
29- Linux: Add '/dev/sd[a-c][a-z]' to smartd DEVICESCAN.
30- Linux: Support SATA drives on LSI 3ware 9750 controllers.
31- Windows: Read 'drivedb.h' and 'smartd.conf' from exe directory.
32- Windows: Support for 64-bit executables.
33- Windows: Support for cross compilation on Linux.
34- Fix regression in smartctl option '-t select,M-N'.
35- Fix SCT temperature table commands on big endian CPUs.
36- Fix regression in smartd SMARTD_DEVICE and SMARTD_DEVICETYPE
37  environment variables.
39Date 2010-01-28
40Summary: smartmontools release 5.39.1
42- Fix crash on kFreeBSD.
43- Fix regression in smartctl option '-q, --quietmode'.
44- Fix regression in smartd directive '-l selftest'.
45- Linux: Allow smartd 'DEVICESCAN -d sat'.
46- Linux: Fix spin-up of SATA drive if '-n standby' is used.
47- Windows: Fix parsing of 3ware 'tw_cli' output.
49Date 2009-12-09
50Summary: smartmontools release 5.39 (UNSTABLE/EXPERIMENTAL)
52- Sourcecode repository moved from CVS to SVN
53- Support for USB devices with Cypress, JMicron and Sunplus USB bridges
54- USB device type autodetection for some devices on Linux, Windows and FreeBSD
55  (http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/smartmontools/wiki/Supported_USB-Devices)
56- Support for Areca controllers on Linux
57- Support for MegaRAID controllers on Linux
58- Support for HighPoint RocketRAID controllers on FreeBSD
59- Support RAID controllers using /dev/pass devices on FreeBSD
61- Support for up to 128 devices on 3ware controllers
62- smartctl option '-l xerror' to print ATA SMART Extended Comprehensive
63  Error Log
64- smartctl option '-l xselftest' to print ATA SMART Extended Self-test Log
65- smartctl option '-l sataphy' to print SATA Phy Event Counters
66- smartctl option '-l sasphy' to print SAS device phy information
67- smartctl options '-l gplog,...' and '-l smartlog,...' to print any log page
68- smartctl option '-x' to print all extended info if available
69- smartctl prints SCSI load/unload cycle counts
70- Improve display of huge raw values of some SMART attributes
71- Option '-d sat+TYPE' to use SAT with controllers which require '-d TYPE'
72- Option '-v ID,RAW_FORMAT,ATTR_NAME' to add new vendor specific attributes
73- Support for SSD drives using 64-bit raw attributes
74- Many additions to drive database
75- New simplified syntax for drive database
76- Option '-B FILE' to read drive database from a file
77- Configure option to add drive database file to distribution
78- smartd can now handle attributes 197 and 198 with increasing raw values
79- smartd logs changes of self-test execution status
80- smartd directive '-n powermode,N' to limit the number of skipped checks
81- smartd flag '!' for '-r' and '-R' directives to log changes as critical
82- smartd supports scheduled Selective Self-Tests
83- Self-tests scheduled during system downtime or disk standby are run after
84  next startup
85- smartd option '-s PREFIX' to store smartd internal state until next startup
86- smartd option '-A PREFIX' to log attributes at each check cycle
87- Configure options to enable the above by default
88- Change to an object oriented interface to access ATA and SCSI devices
89- Linux, Win32 and FreeBSD modules migrated to new interface
90- Rework of smartd data structures
91- Checkin date and SVN revision and optional BUILD_INFO printed in version info
92- Better support for GSmartControl on Windows
93- SELinux fixes to 3ware device node creation
94- Fix CCISS file descriptor leak on FreeBSD
95- Compile fixes for Solaris and FreeBSD
96- Use getaddrinfo() instead of gethostbyname() to support IPv6
97- C++ Support for QNX Target, already tested for QNX 6.3.2 on x86 and
98  armle target
99- Additional support for Samsung MLC flash drives
100- New device type detection algorithm on FreeBSD, not based on filename
101- Support for the adaX (ATA on CAM bus) devices on FreeBSD 8.0 and higher
103Date 2008-03-10
104Summary: smartmontools release 5.38 (STABLE)
106This is a stable release of smartmontools.  In addition to changes
107below, it includes:
108 - Libata/Marvell driver devices no longer need explicit '-d' switch
109 - DEVICESCAN automatically detects libata/marvell driver SATA devices
110 - Fixed auto-offline/autosave support in FreeBSD
111 - SAT device type + SCSI generic devices work properly with smartd under Linux
112 - Many additions to drive database
113 - More portable autogen/autoconf/automake script set
114 - Additional Windows IOCTL route to access SMART data
115 - Some ATA-8 updates
116 - Smoother CCISS compilation support in Linux
117 - Dragonfly support
118 - Fixed some ATA identity byte swap problems on big endian CPUs
119 - Added support for the QNX operating system
120 - No-fork option added to smartd
121 - Improved device scanning and drive type recognition in Windows
122 - 3ware support for controllers with more disks (32 max)
123 - Improved Windows installer
124 - Improved SMART Attribute list and descriptions
125 - Fix to smartctl return codes
126 - Fix to scheduled tests on Highpoint RAID controllers
127 - New samsung firmware bug workaround option
128 - Auto-offline and Auto-save fixed in Linux + libata
129 - Solaris: better SCSI support and support for Sun compilers AND gcc
130 - Fixed and improvements to CCISS support
131 - More options for SCSI temperature monitoring and history
132 - Additional command line options for selective self-tests
133 - Compilation fixes for various platforms.
135See CHANGELOG for more details, or smartmontools SVN for still further
138Date 2006-12-20
139Summary: smartmontools release 5.37 (UNSTABLE/EXPERIMENTAL)
141This is an unstable/experimental release of smartmontools.
142It includes:
144- Many additions to the table of known drives
145- SAT (SCSI/ATA Translation) support
146- SCSI background scan results log
147- smartd -W directive for temperature tracking and warning
148- smartctl -n option to check power state
149- improved smartd power state logging
150- CCISS support under Linux
151- HighPoint RocketRAID support under Linux
152- 3ware RAID support under Windows
153- SPT interface for SCSI devices under Windows
154- ATA selective self test under Windows XP/2003
155- NSIS installer support for Windows version
156- Started move from C to C++
157- Various other improvements
160Date 2006-04-12
161Summary: smartmontools release 5.36 (STABLE)
163This is a stable smartmontools release.  The 5.34 version
164described just below was never officially released because
165Bruce Allen decided to wait until Linux support for
166accessing SATA devices through libata was in the official
167kernel.org sources.  Changes include:
169- Win 2000/XP:ability to cancel drive self-tests
170- Additions to the table of known drives
171- FreeBSD support for 3ware char device interface and
172  multiple 3ware cards
173- Various cygwin improvements for running as service
174- Works 'out of the box' with Linux SATA libata
175- smartd option added to list test schedules
176- smartctl option added to list part of drive database
177- various improvements for SCSI disks and logs
180Date 2005-04-19
181Summary: smartmontools release 5.34 (STABLE)
183This is a stable smartmontools release.  It includes:
184- OS/2 and eComStation support
185All Platforms:
186 - Printing of drive family info
187 - SCSI disks: output size of grown defect list
188 - Added info about drive family to 'smartctl -i' output.
189 - Added option ',q' for smartd '-n' directive to suppress
190   'skipping checks' message which may spin up laptop disk.
191 - Added message if smartd '-n' check power mode spins up disk.
192Cygwin and Windows:
193 - Added info about Windows version and service pack to banner line.
194 - Added support for smartd '-n' directive for Win2000/XP.
195 - Added support for READ_LOG for WinNT4 also.
196 - Fixed bug that prevents display of empty logs on Win2000/XP
197 - Fixed use of cached smart enabled state in 'smartctl -i' output.
199 - Fixed bug that prevents running smartd as service on WinNT4.
202Date 2004-9-5
203Summary: smartmontools release 5.33 (UNSTABLE/EXPERIMENTAL)
205This is an unstable/experimental release of smartmontools.  It includes
206 - support for Darwin/Mac OSX
207 - support for OpenBSD
208 - support for 3ware ATA RAID controllers under FreeBSD
209 - support for 3ware 9500 series SATA RAID controllers under
210   Linux.  Use /dev/twa[0-15] devices to access these.
211 - support for 3ware character device interfaces /dev/twe[0-15]
212   under Linux.  This allows (for example) Selective Self-tests.
213 - support for Marvell chip-set based SATA controllers under Linux.
214 - smartd mail now works also under Windows (using "Blat" mailer).
215 - smartd can now be run as a Windows service.
216Please report sucess/failure with these items to the
217smartmontools-support mailing list.
220Date 2004-7-5
221Summary: smartmontools release 5.32 (STABLE)
223This is an stable release of smartmontools.
224Note added 2004/7/7: users building a Solaris/Intel version of the code should
225modify the 'configure' file, changing "pc-*-solaris*" on line 106
226to read "*-pc-solaris*".  Reference:
230Date: 2004-5-4
231Summary: smartmontools release 5.31 (UNSTABLE/EXPERIMENTAL)
233This is an unstable/experimental release of smartmontools.  It includes
234several new features:
235- Windows smartd daemon
236- smartd now monitors current and pending sector counts
237- Support for ATA-7 selective self-test features (Linux/NetBSD only)
238  Please report sucess/failure with this option to the smartmontools-support
239  mailing list.
241Date: 2004-3-6
242Summary: smartmontools release 5.30 (STABLE)
244This is a stable release of smartmontools: the first stable release
245since 5.26.
246- KNOWN BUG (identified/fixed by CF): smartd will segv and crash if
247  the configuration file /etc/smartd.conf contains NO valid entries.
248  This bug was introduced in version 1.259 of smartd.c by BA and
249  is present in smartmontools releases 5.27-5.30 inclusive. This can
250  be fixed by editing line 3165 of smartd.c, and changing:
251  "else if (cfgentries[0]) {"
252  to read:
253  "else if (cfgentries && cfgentries[0]) {"
256Date: 2004-2-24
257Summary: smartmontools release 5.29 (Experimental, not STABLE)
259This is another experimental release, to replace the 5.27 release that
260had a damaged configure script.  The next stable release will be 5.30
261- This release has SCSI support for NetBSD
264Date: 2004-2-12
265Summary: smartmontools release 5.27 (Experimental, not STABLE)
267- WARNING: this release has a broken --prefix=/a/path option to the
268  configure script.  The consequence is that smartd will not look for the
269  configuration file (smartd.conf) at the desired location.
270- NetBSD support added
271- A new Directive (-s) for smartd.conf now enables flexible automatic
272  scheduled self-testing for both ATA and SCSI devices.
273- Solaris now has ATA device support (SPARC only)
274- A new Directive (-n) for smartd.conf to avoid spinning up disks
275- Errors when smartd sends mail are now logged to SYSLOG
276- Solaris smartd mail now works correctly (uses mailx not mail)
279Date: 2003-11-29
280Summary: smartmontools release 5.26
282This is a stable smartmontools release.  The only known problem is
283that under Solaris, the email features of smartd do not work 'out of
284the box'.  Three workarounds are:
285  [1] use '-M exec mailx' in /etc/smartd.conf
286  [2] in the start script for smartd, put /usr/ucb into PATH before
287      /bin
288  [3] upgrade to release 5.27 or later, or the latest CVS snapshot
291Date: 2003-11-19
292Summary: smartmontools release 5.25
294This release should not hang when accessing USB devices. It provides
295smartd SCSI self-test log monitoring for self-test errors, and a
296larger table of known ATA drives.  DEVICESCAN should work correctly
297even on file systems containing XFS or JFS partitions, and on machines
298that use devfs, even without traditional links.
300From this time on, even numbered releases will be 'stable' ones and
301odd numbered releases (like 5.25) will be unstable/testing/development
305Date: 2003-10-30
306Summary: smartmontools release 5.23
308This release has one known problem: DEVICESCAN device scanning does
309not work correctly if the disk with the /dev directory also has XFS
310or JFS file systems on it.
313Date: 2003-10-28
314Summary: smartmontools release 5.22
316Replaces flawed 5.21 release: the -T verypermissive option had to be
317entered as -T verpermissive. First experimental solaris support (SCSI
318only).  This release had a serious flaw: smartd left open file descriptors
319for devices that it couldn't monitor.
322Date: 2003-10-14
323Summary: smartmontools release 5.21
325Preliminary support for FreeBSD added to smartmontools.  For FreeBSD,
326ATA support requires a 5.1-CURRENT kernel while SCSI support should
327work across multiple versions (any that support CAM).
330Date: 2003-10-04
331Summary: smartmontools release 5.20
333Replaces flawed 5.19 release (which had a zero-length man page
337Date: 2003-10-03
338Summary: smartmontools release 5.19
340This is the first release of smartmontools based on autoconf/automake.
341For this reason, it is a very experimental release.  Please let us
342know in particular about documenation errors/omissions, missing or
343unneccesary files, and similar oversights.  The major changes are:
344 [1]  installation scripts based on autoconfig/automake
345 [2] ./configure [options] lets you set arbitrary paths
346 [3] supports FHS with ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
347 [4] correct paths are inserted into all man pages, binaries, etc.
348 [5] tarballs and RPMs are now GPG-signed
351Date: 2003-10-02 11:35
352Summary: smartd SEGV
354Some versions of smartd, including smartmontools release 5.1-18, will
355SEGV if the combination of Directives in /etc/smartd.conf contains
356-l error
358-l selftest
359without any Attribute monitoring Directives.  This is fixed in 5.19
360and above.
362A good workaround is to add:
363-o on
365-o off
366to enable or disable automatic offline data collection.
369Date: 2002-11-17 07:41
370Summary: testunitready bug in smartd
372A bug in smartd prevented functioning on scsi devices.
373The bug in question only affects smartd users with scsi devices.
374To see if your version of smartd has the testunitready() bug, do
375smartd -V
376If the version of the module smartd.c in a line like:
377Module: smartd.c revision: 1.66 date: 2002/11/17
378has a revision greater than or equal to 1.30, and less than or
379equal to 1.64, then your version of the code has this problem.
381This problem affected releases starting with RELEASE_5_0_16 up to and
382including RELEASE_5_0_43.
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