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3rd Party extensions or enhancements to RedDwarf should be listed here so that people can find them when needed.

Administrator tools

  • HotBackup? — (Service/Manager) - A very simple service that just executes db4.5_hotbackup at a given interval as long as the server is running (this should be done by an other process in a live environment - but as a snap-shot tool it works quite well)
  • Identity — (Service/Manager) - A very simple service that gives access to the Identity of a transaction
  • jvoicebridge — A Java application for mixing VoIP audio in conference calls. A Project Darkstar manager and service are included to control the audio from your Project Darkstar server application.
  • Profile — (Service/Manager) - Service/Manager that allows adding arbitrary profile-strings to the profile data, and allows some "identification" of what task/client action is doing the work
  • Darkstar Services — A collection of commonly used Managers and Services that can be used directly through the 0.9.11 extension support

Client APIs

Client APIs

Libraries and components

  • AsynchTaskService - An example service and manager pair that can also be used to build other services from.
  • SQL Service - A service and manager pair that allows asynchronous calls out to an SQL database. Includes support for 0.9.11 extensions.
  • darkstar-datastructures — Collections and such for Darkstar apps
  • Jnag — A well documented, cool and easy to use messaging library (RPC) with support for the Red Dwarf server.
  • DarkstarRPC — RPC API for simplified communication between Darkstar server and clients
  • AdminClient? — Provides a means of connecting with Darkstar and doing some "server side" manipulation of the data by means of actions written for specific needs.
  • CollisionFactory? — A simple cricle-circle / circle-line collision detection class based on 2d float vectors. Designed for reactive server architecture.
  • SimpleNet — A small and simple network library that makes defining and using network protocol messages for Darkstar a lot easier.
  • Custom MySQL Authenticator — Server authentication that connects to an external MySQL database and verifies username / password credentials.
  • PDS Utilities - A number of utilities such as Abstract Managed Object, Reference Collections and IndexingMaps to make handling Managed Objects easier.
  • Authserver — Separate Authentication server for MMORPGs
  • bgh-server - Provides utility classes and common service/manager pairs, f.e. user/acl management.

Developer tools

  • Task Time Profiler - A simple tool which stores total, min, max and average execution time for each task as well as count, fail rate and fail time.
  • DumpBot - Complete data-store browsing and statistics tool.
  • Darkstar Integration Test — An integration testing framework for running tests against a full-featured Darkstar Server
  • dtc — Darkstar Test Cluster
  • mocksgs — A framework for unit testing SGS applications
  • netbeansdarkstar — NetBeans? plugin for Darkstar
  • sgs-maven-plugin — Project Darkstar Maven Plugin
  • sgs-build — Project Darkstar Build Utilities
  • sgs-tests — Project Darkstar Tests
  • Eclipse Darkstar Plugins — Eclipse plugins based on webtools project to support Darkstar server projects
  • darkstarmobile — Another NetBeans? plugin for Darkstar with J2ME client APIs, mobile project templates, server management console and more ..
  • Testyard — Functional testing framework for applications based on Project Darkstar server