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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: What file should I download? / What do the names mean? Answer
  • Q: How do I install the binary package in my environment? Answer


  • Q: How do I compile the runtime? Answer
  • Q: How do I compile Unicode Applications? Answer
  • Q: How do I compile multilib toolchain? Answer
  • Q: How can I check for mingw-w64 headers? Answer
  • Q: Why get I build failures in gcc's libstdc++ build? Answer
  • Q: How can I generate an import library for a DLL? Answer
  • Q: How do I use LTO (Link Time Optimization) in GCC? Answer
  • Q: How do I make use of PPL and CLooG in GCC? Answer
  • Q: Why doesn't printf and scanf family work as defined in C99? Answer
  • Q: How do I compile with pthreads? Answer
  • Q: Why do I get redefinition errors against winsock.h when I include winsock2.h? Answer
  • Q: Why doesn't mingw-w64 gcc support Dwarf-2 Exception Handling? Answer
  • Q: How do I fix "__mingw_aligned_malloc not declared in this scope"? Answer
  • Q: How do I use "%llu" in printf? Answer
  • Q: I get some errors with C++11 to_string when building/using GCC, what gives? Answer
  • Q: What are default manifest files and why do they matter? Answer


  • Q: Which compiler executable should I use? Answer
  • Q: What does error 0xc000007b mean? Answer
  • Q: What does Procedure entry point XXX not located in Dynamic Link Library mean? Answer
  • Q: Why isn't gdb able to display symbols from DLLs? Answer
  • Q: Why does GDB crash with "thread.c:79: internal-error"? Answer
  • Q: Why do some 32-bit MinGW-w64 applications fail with '... _vswprintf could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll'? Answer
  • Q: Why crashes my 64 bit program when using a MSVC-generate x64 *.lib file? Answer