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Welcome to the homepage for fxSDK. The project was started in April '07 with xfer9860, with the goal of providing the open source software needed to take full use of your fx-9860G graphing calculator, especially on operating systems that Casio does not support.

Available tools

screenstreamer (NEW!)

screenstreamer connects with your calculator over USB, and lets you display the screen contents, just like an OHP device or the "screen receiving" application from the fx-9860G Manager software package by Casio. It is suited for demonstration or instructional purposes in for example a classroom, and has functionality for saving snapshots of the display to file.

Depends on: Qt 4, libusb 1.0


xfer9860 connects with your calculator over USB, and supports sending and receiving files. Note: xfer9860 is a command-line program.

Depends on: libusb 0.1 series.


With img2c, you can open an image and have C-code and an example image instantly generated. The generated code specifies a block of data which you, the user, can draw to the screen with your own drawing routines.

Depends on: Qt 4


g1awrapper is used to add a header to "raw" Add-in binaries for those who don't develop using the official SDK. The header lets the calculator recognize the file and also includes an icon used to access the Add-in on the calculators menu.

Depends on: Qt 4

Information and documentation