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The source code of this project was migrated to GitHub? under the following url: https://github.com/gibaholms/ffpojo

The binaries will still available to download at SourceForge? but to get access to the most recent source code and documentation, please visit us in the GitHub? location.

Thanks, Gilberto Holms

FFPOJO - Flat File POJO Parser

The FFPOJO Project is a Flat-File Parser, POJO based, library for Java applications. It's a Object-Oriented approach to work to flat-files, because the libray is based on POJOs and an Object-Flat-Mapping (OFM), using Java Annotations, XML or both. When used together, the XML mapping overrides the annotations.

The FFPOJO library can work to positional and delimited flat-files, and provides many features like:

  • Annotations and/or XML mappings, with overridding (like the JPA api)
  • Uses a "Metadata Container" pattern, that caches metadata information in static way to improve performance on parsing
  • Simple text-to-pojo and pojo-to-text parsing
  • Easy custom-type conversion when reading or writing, through the decorator API
  • Full object-oriented flat-file reader that supports complex files with Header, Body and Trailer definitions
  • File system flat-file reader developed with NIO, that performs 25% faster than regular buffered reader
  • Record processor layer, that works in "Push" model and supports single-threaded or multi-threaded file processing
  • Full object-oriented flat-file writer
  • Lightweight, no dependence to any other framework or API

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