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Changeset 2352

12/19/11 11:21:10 (2 years ago)

Improve the manual page for strings:

  • Use a more compact manual page layout.
  • Improve a few sentences.

Ticket: #367

1 modified


  • trunk/strings/strings.1

    r1790 r2352  
    2525.\" $Id$ 
    27 .Dd August 25, 2011 
     27.Dd December 19, 2011 
    2828.Dt STRINGS 1 
    3333.Sh SYNOPSIS 
    35 .Op Fl -all 
    36 .Op Fl -bytes= Ns Ar number 
    37 .Op Fl -encoding= Ns Ar encoding 
    38 .Op Fl -help 
    39 .Op Fl -print-file-name 
    40 .Op Fl -radix= Ns Ar radix 
    41 .Op Fl -version 
    42 .Op Fl afhov 
    43 .Op Fl Ar number 
    44 .Op Fl e Ar encoding 
    45 .Op Fl n Ar number 
    46 .Op Fl t Ar radix 
     35.Op Fl a | Fl -all 
     36.Op Fl e Ar encoding | Fl -encoding= Ns Ar encoding 
     37.Op Fl f | Fl -print-file-name 
     38.Op Fl h | Fl -help 
     39.Op Fl n Ar number | Fl -bytes= Ns Ar number | Fl Ar number 
     40.Op Fl o 
     41.Op Fl t Ar radix | Fl -radix= Ns Ar radix 
     42.Op Fl v | Fl -version 
    4743.Op Ar 
    4844.Sh DESCRIPTION 
    7066The following options are available: 
    7167.Bl -tag -width indent 
    72 .It Fl -all 
     68.It Fl a | Fl -all 
    7369For ELF objects, scan the entire file for printable strings. 
    74 .It Fl -encoding= Ns Ar encoding 
     70.It Fl e Ar encoding | Fl -encoding= Ns Ar encoding 
    7571Select the character encoding to be used while searching for strings. 
    7672Valid values for argument 
    9389The default is to assume that characters are encoded using a single 
    94907-bit byte. 
    95 .It Fl -print-file-name 
     91.It Fl f | Fl -print-file-name 
    9692Print the name of the file before each string. 
    97 .It Fl -radix= Ns Ar radix 
     93.It Fl h | Fl -help 
     94Print a usage summary and exit. 
     95.It Xo 
     96.Fl n Ar number | 
     97.Fl -bytes= Ns Ar number | 
     98.Fl Ar number 
     100Print the contiguous character sequence of at least 
     101.Ar number 
     102characters long, instead of the default of 4 characters. 
     103.It Fl o 
     104Equivalent to specifying 
     105.Fl t Ar o . 
     106.It Fl t Ar radix | Fl -radix= Ns Ar radix 
    98107Print the offset from the start of the file before each string 
    99108using the specified radix. 
    109118for hexadecimal 
    111 .It Xo 
    112 .Fl -bytes= Ns Ar number | 
    113 .Fl Ar number 
    114 .Xc 
    115 Print the contiguous character sequence of at least 
    116 .Ar number 
    117 characters long, instead of default of 4 characters. 
    118 .It Fl -help 
    119 This prints a usage summary and exits. 
    120 .It Fl -version 
     120.It Fl v | Fl -version 
    121121Display a version identifier and exit. 
    122 .It Fl a 
    123 Equivalent to specifying option 
    124 .Fl -all . 
    125 .It Fl e Ar encoding 
    126 Equivalent to specifying option 
    127 .Fl -encoding= Ns Ar encoding . 
    128 .It Fl f 
    129 Equivalent to specifying option 
    130 .Fl -print-file-name . 
    131 .It Fl h 
    132 Equivalent to specifying option 
    133 .Fl -help . 
    134 .It Fl n Ar number 
    135 Equivalent to specifying option 
    136 .Fl -bytes= Ns Ar number . 
    137 .It Fl o 
    138 Equivalent to specifying option 
    139 .Fl -radix= Ns Ar o . 
    140 .It Fl t Ar radix 
    141 Equivalent to specifying option 
    142 .Fl -radix= Ns Ar radix . 
    143 .It Fl v 
    144 Equivalent to specifying option 
    145 .Fl -version . 
    147123.Sh EXIT STATUS