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Projects using Aperture

Software Products (open-source and proprietary)

Aduna Autofocus & Aduna AutoFocus Server Aduna AutoFocus helps you to search and find information on your PC, network disks, mail boxes, websites and AutoFocus Server sources. AutoFocus uses Aperture for indexing of local and remote information sources. AutoFocus Server uses Aperture for indexing of enterprise information sources. http://www.aduna-software.com
DynaQ DynaQ stands for 'Dynamic Queries for document based, personal information spaces'. The goal of the project is to conceptualise and to develop a prototypical inquiry system to explore the personal information space, that supports the user with the help of the searching paradigm orienteering. The document-based, personal information space of the user constitutes by all documents on his computer. Included are documents of several file formats (e.g. *.pdf), but also the users emails. Also included are all available meta informations and existing semantic informations according to the documents. Users that are not aware of the scientific context of the project can just think of DynaQ as an desktop search engine. DynaQ makes use of the great Aperture framework. http://dynaq.opendfki.de
Gnowsis Semantic Desktop Gnowsis is a Semantic Desktop prototype by DFKI, in the beta 0.9 version it uses Aperture to index desktop data. http://www.gnowsis.org
Virtuoso Server by OpenLink Software Virtuoso has a "Sponger Cartridge". Each Cartridge is a combination of a Metadata extractor and an Ontology mapper. Aperture is a 3rd party metadata extractor that is used in a Cartridge that has mappings for Office Documents. It uses Virtuoso's Java hosting capability, an ability of Virtuoso to integrate with Java code. http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/

Research Projects (running and finished)

OrganiKThe aim of the OrganiK project is to research and develop an innovative knowledge management system that enables the semantic fusion of enterprise social software applications. http://www.organik-project.eu
Nepomuk Social Semantic Desktop Nepomuk is a EU research project about the social semantic desktop. It uses aperture to crawl various sources into a RDF store. http://nepomuk.semanticdesktop.org
WavesWaves stands for (german) : "Wissensaustausch bei der verteilten Entwicklung von Software", and means something like "Knowlede Exchange in Distributed Software Engineering Projects". It is a research project for making software development more efficient through new ways of sharing, managing and using existing Information. Aperture is used for Crawling data sources which are typical for software engineering. http://waves.fzi.de/
ForFlow ForFlow is the "Bavarian Research Cooperation for Process- and Workflow Support for Planning and Controlling Procedures in the Product Development" The aim of this project is to support product development project by integrating specific tools and methods in a Process Navigator describing every step of the Project. One of the subproject is the conception of a process oriented knowledge base to store and retrieve every kind of information created during the Project. Aperture is used for the indexing documents or integrating existing data sources into the Knowledge Base. http://www.abayfor.de/forflow/en/index.php
Qualipso The QualiPSo consortium has been founded to help industries and governments fuel innovation and competitiveness by providing the way to use trusted low-cost, flexible Open Source Software to develop innovative and reliable information systems. To meet this goal, QualiPSo intends to define and implement the technologies, processes and policies to facilitate the development and use of Open Source software components, with the same level of trust traditionally offered by proprietary software. This will leverage the Open Source Software development current practices to sound, well recognised and established industrial operations. Aperture is used to extract information from different information sources of an open source project into a semantic repository. For example, aperture is used to parse the information of emails in a mailing list. http://www.qualipso.org
ActiveActive Project uses Aperture to extracting information from files to show tags the user used in the past. (Contact Carlos Ruiz)http://www.active-project.eu/