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Main differences between SQLTools and SQLTools

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SQLTools++ offers the following main features that the original SQLTools does not have:

- Optional automatic SQL Statement delimiter detection, you no longer need to mark the whole statement before executing

- Support for usage of DBMS_XPLAN for EXPLAIN PLAN functionality in 9i and later

- Support for usage of DBMS_METDATA for meta data generation in 9i and later

- Enhanced statistics support for all current Oracle releases including 11g

- Enhanced Handling of Object List and Object Viewer (e.g. pressing F12 in Object List shows details of selected object in Object Viewer) and various other keyboard handling enhancements

- Enhanced SQL Tuning support using DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_CURSOR in 10g and emulation of that functionality for Oracle 9i

- Popup Viewer for better overview of large objects like CLOBs

- Support for NCLOBs (no longer error ORA-24806)

- Execute script and halt on errors

- Execute script in External tool (e.g. SQL*Plus)

- Test connection/Reconnect (e.g. if database instance has been bounced)

- Enhanced support for snapshots, snapshot logs and recycle bin

- Enhanced support for DBMS_OUTPUT in 10g and later (unlimited buffer size, max. linesize of 32767 chars)

- Enhanced visuals: Match braces, highlight identifiers longer than 30 chars, highlight known user objects

- Order columns in Object Viewer alphabetically

- Support for environment variable settings ORACLE_HOME and TNS_ADMIN and tns alias entries having multiple aliases assigned (separated by commas)

and many, many more major and minor enhancements.

For further details, please refer to the following links:

Details about the current release V1.21: http://www.sqltools-plusplus.org:7676/sqltools_pp.html

Details about the release V1.20: http://www.sqltools-plusplus.org:7676/sqltools_pp_120RC3.html

Details about the release V1.10: http://www.sqltools-plusplus.org:7676/sqltools_pp_110RC2.html

Details about the initial release V1.02: http://www.sqltools-plusplus.org:7676/sqltools_pp_102RC1.html

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