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Align image stack

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What is align_image_stack?

align_image_stack is a tool contained in the hugin project. It is a standalone tool (an exe in windows) that can perform various functions, we use it in Qtpfsgui to align a stack of (LDR) images.

Current availability

As of today (09 Sept 2007) the hugin project has not published a release with align_image_stack in it yet (they are working hard for their next release), but the author of the hugin project managed to compile and publish an exe for the windows users (which is contained in the qtpfsgui zip file for the windows users). The users of the other platform (linux and mac) have to checkout the project's subversion repository and compile the sources.
EDIT: see http://panorama.dyndns.org/index.php?lang=en&subject=Hugin&texttag=Hugin for MacOSX and http://panospace.wordpress.com/downloads/#devel for Windows.

Checkout the repository & compile

This can be a rather daunting process, mainly because of all the dependencies one has to install.
You need to have the subversion client (svn) installed; to checkout the repository run:
svn co https://hugin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/hugin/hugin/trunk hugin
Updated instructions:
As of revision 2614 (at least) the build is done using cmake. Make sure you have installed cmake before continuing. Cmake is present in all major Linux distros, it shouldn't be difficult to install it in the flavor you use (instructions to compile under other platforms need to be added).
Once the checkout is ready, cd to the hugin directory and run:

$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local .


$ make

And finally, as root or under sudo:

# make install

Minimal Build

$ mkdir hugin   # create a general area for it
$ cd hugin
hugin$ svn co https://hugin.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/hugin/hugin/trunk hugin
hugin$ mkdir build
hugin$ cd build
hugin/build$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local ../hugin  #this does an out-of-source build. much cleaner.
hugin/build$ make align_image_stack # builds the bare minimum for the tool instead of building all of hugin :)

Detailed build instructions can be found in the INSTALL_cmake file.
If these instructions don't work for you, try the old instructions.

Old instructions:
After that you can run
cd hugin
(read the output, you may need to install GNU autoconf 2.52 or later, GNU automake 1.4 or later, GNU libtool 1.4 or later, GNU gettext 0.11 or later)
You can then run:
You then need to satisfy all the dependencies hugin requires (gtk, boost, wxwidgets).
After that you can run:
to compile the sources.
You can try reducing the size of the final executable by stripping the debug symbols from it:
strip align_image_stack
After that you can copy the align_image_stack file to a directory named in the PATH variable or you can invoke
make install
to do that (and much more) for you.


In windows the align_image_stack.exe file has to stay in the same directory of the qtpfsgui.exe file (or, as an alternative, in one of the directories listed in the PATH environment variable). The same idea applies for the other platforms.

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