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Welcome to the FuGE Wiki. This space is for providing information and content that is more fluid than the stable documentation available from the static FuGE pages. Further, these pages are meant as starting-points for discussions on what you, the developer and/or user of FuGE (past, present or future) want out of this project.

Currently, only FuGE members (i.e. those SourceForge users who are marked as developers on the project) are allowed to edit these pages. However, to allow discussion across a wider proportion of the community, anyone can post comments on the pages, thus creating discussion threads for any topic relating to those pages.

Some links to get you started:

  • FuGE tools (both current and planned)
  • Thoughts on Versioning. The FuGE-OM does not have any built-in structure for versioning FuGE investigations. However, it may be that you're interested in implementing such an ability for your group or institute. This page describes both current versioned implementations of FuGE as well as more abstract ideas on how FuGE versioning could be implemented.
  • Design patterns. This page shows some recurring design patterns across different FuGE extensions. The models shown here may be useful for various different groups building new extensions of FuGE.
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