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How to build CppUnit with Eclipse

These instructions describe how to build CppUnit with Eclipse 3.1.1, CDT 3.0.1 under Windows XP using MinGW. The steps to build it with WinXP/Cygwin or under Linux should be very similar, although I haven't tested it.

  • Download the Cpp``Unit distribution file Cpp``Unit-1.10.2.tar.gz and unpack it in a directory of your choice. From now on we will refer to this directory as $Cpp``Unit .
  • Run MSys to open a command line shell, then cd to the directory where you extracted Cpp``Unit and do:


There's no need to go any further than this with make, make install, etc. All we will need is the header $Cpp``Unit/include/Cpp``Unit/config-auto.h which has been generated in the step above.
  • Go to Eclipse and create a Managed Make C++ Project to generate a library (either static or shared).
  • Import all .h and .cpp files in $Cpp``Unit/src/Cpp``Unit to the project.
  • Open the project properties configuration dialog (Alt + Enter) and add $Cpp``Unit/include to the include path.


  • If you're building a shared library you'll also need to define the variable CPPUNIT_DLL_BUILD.


  • Finally, build the project (Ctrl + B).
  • Now let's create a sample project to test our library.
Create a new Managed Make C++ Project to generate an executable and import the contents of this file into it: attachment:sample_text.zip.
In the project properties configuration dialog:
 # Add $Cpp``Unit/include to the include path.
 # Add the Cpp``Unit library to the project (see screenshot below).
 # If you've built Cpp``Unit as a shared library you'll also need to define the variable CPPUNIT_DLL.


Note that in my system the generated library is at "C:\home_Alex\projetos_eclipse\CppUnit2\Release\CppUnit.dll".
  • By running the executable you'll find out that all tests will pass. You may now play around and introduce errors in the Complex class methods to see Cpp``Unit's diagnostic error messages when a test fails.
  • (optional) The compiler issues several warning messages of ignored pragmas in the Cpp``Unit source. You may edit the source headers and comment those lines if you don't want to be bothered by these warnings in your projects.

Configure a GUI test runner

Now that you've sucessfully set up Cpp``Unit to run from the console, you may wish to build a GUI test runner. Follow these step by step instructions for building QtTestRunnerWithEclipse.

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