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Using Config-Model

From config-model

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Editing configuration files

/etc/LCDd.conf from lcdproc

The first time, you need to run

config-edit -application lcdproc -force

After, you can skip the -force option.

If you don't like to click, you can run:

config-edit -application lcdproc -ui none -save <commands>

For instance:

config-edit -application lcdproc -ui none -save 'server driver=imonlcd - imonlcd Device="/dev/lcd1" '

For more details see config-edit doc or LCDd model doc

Debian packaging

Config::Model provides a model of Debian source package. This model is still incomplete but it already provide checks for the control and copyright file.

To check your package run:

config-edit -application dpkg -ui none

You can upgrade your old files with:

config-edit -application dpkg -ui none -save

If some warnings are still displayed, you can try this command to fix the warnings (but create a backup before as the automatic fixes may not be what you want):

config-edit -application dpkg -ui none -apply-fixes -save

If you want an interactive way to edit or fix your files, run:

config-edit -application dpkg

In the GUI, use menu:

* File -> check to check for errors
* File -> wizard to check for warnings (check the stop on warnings button)

I agree that the GUI still needs some improvements.

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