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  • This page is aimed at specifying the UDL links functionality within the Notepad++ UDL2 component developed by Loreia2.
  • The UDL links functionality aim is to offer the Notepad++ users the possibility to "linkify" text that matches specific patterns specified using regular expressions.


  • Transformation of all strings matching the regular expression IR[0-9]{6} (for example "IR409222") so that the part of the string matching [0-9]{6} (for example "409222") is transformed into a link (= linkified) pointing to a generated URL (for example

  • Transformation of all strings containing the delimiters [[ and ]] (for example [[bloblo]]) so that string in between the delimiters [[ and ]] (for example "bloblo") is transformed into a link (= linkified) pointing to a generated URL (for example file://C:/my_wiki/bloblo.mwx)


  • UDL links variable : a variable whose value is defined by the user in order to specify some part of the linkifying process (input text matching, output generation, ...). Here is a list of UDL links variables :
    • URL_trigger : a RE used to match text expressions to be further processed for linkifying, for example IR[0-9]{6}
    • URL_id_template : a RE derived from the URL_trigger variable that extracts the information necessary to generate the resulting URL, for example [0-9]{6}
    • URL_label_template : a RE used to match the exact part of the URL_trigger to linkify, for example IR or [0-9]{6} or IR[0-9]{6}
    • URL_template : an expandable string expression used to generate the URL to point to, for example$URL_id_template or file://C:/my_wiki/$URL_id_template.mwx

  • UDL links artefact : input, output or intermediary products of the linkifying process other than UDL links variables. Here is a list of UDL links artefacts :
    • URL match : a text expression matching the RE specified by URL_trigger, for example IR409222 or [[bloblo]]
    • URL id : a specific match for the RE defined in the URL_id_template UDL link variable, for example 409222
    • URL label (or "URL linkified text") : an URL label resulting from the linkifying process, for example IR or IR409222 or 409222 or bloblo
    • URL : an URL resulting from the linkifying process, for example or file://C:/my_wiki/bloblo.mwx

  • UDL links concept : concept related to the UDL links functionality other than UDL links variables or UDL links artefacts. Here is a list of UDL links concepts :
    • UDL links : functionality provided by NPP UDL that allows users to "linkify" text that matches a specific pattern specified using regular expressions. Also used to refer to the resulting links generated by this functionality.
    • linkifying process : the process of transforming some parts of the text into hyperlinks
    • URL pattern : one instantiated set of UDL links variable {URL_trigger, URL_id_template, ...} specifying the linkifying process for a given URL_trigger
    • RE or regular expression : a coded textual expression specifying a text pattern to be matched


  • It is suggested that in the first version of the UDL links functionality, every character of any URL match should be kept in the output, the only 2 transformations taking place being :
    • Linkifying some of the characters in the URL match to generate a URL label (= blue underlined characters (by default))
    • Generating a URL that is followed when double-clicking on the URL label


  • The UDL links functionality being relatively independent of the other current UDL functionalities, providing a separate UDL tab called "Links" for example would probably be suitable.
  • Then, for each URL pattern to specify, a group of labels (URL_trigger, URL_id_template, ...) and corresponding textboxes for each UDL links variables to define within that URL pattern specification would probably be good enough.

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