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  • Posted a comment on discussion Programmers Wanted on SourceForge Support

    I wrote a PHP library that parses SQL queries and runs them on flat-files. SF: GitHub: The SF project is not used much anymore and the code is a mirror that's behind. All issue tracking and code commits are primarily on GitHub. I need help with adding new features, bug fixes, adding unit tests, and refactoring some code into new classes. Reply here if interested or shoot me at email at Thanks.

  • Committed [28d65e]

    Removed opcache population.

  • Committed [1fe758]

    Removed debug logging

  • Committed [cba3c1]

    No idea why neither worked

  • Committed [edc8e4]


  • Committed [566224]

    Trying something else to enable both

  • Committed [6397c3]

    Manually overriding APC and opCache cli settings

  • Committed [072864]

    Fixed travis to enable

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