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    I've found another example of this happening so it's not just the one file I mention above that's affected. One piece of cover art just took 671 seconds before it timedout and only partially loaded. URL was of the form of In this case the image loads 7755 bytes of the 8712 total bytes before stalling. This is very weird.

  • Created ticket #209 on Subsonic

    /icons/subsonic_logo.png hangs during download

  • Modified ticket #34 on Snoopy

    Error: cURL could not retrieve the document, error 60.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #34 on Snoopy

    Snoopy 2.0.0 no longer uses curl an instead uses openssl. You can get the new version...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #56 on Snoopy

    I've updated Snoopy with this check to catch this case, where the header fetch times...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #79 on Snoopy

    I'm mistaken. The problem you're reporting is intermittent. The conditions required...

  • Modified ticket #56 on Snoopy

    headers get mixed into data (short timeouts on slow servers)

  • Modified ticket #74 on Snoopy

    HTTPS URLs that contain '?' cannot be processed anymore

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