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  • Committed [c5492d]

    Working versions of random vector SVD optimization

  • Committed [3f7987]

    If point observations for some tracers in some lat/lon/time block should not be assimilated, there is a method for that now

  • Committed [428ca3]

    VPP completion emails come from the same sender as 4DVAR completion emails

  • Committed [e4f3ca]

    VPP completion emails will have a consistent sender

  • Committed [bca9d0]

    JobSub.emailSender forgot to return the sender address, fixed

  • Committed [0b2eac]

    Completion emails now originate from a specified sender

  • Committed [665843]

    NIES tower and aircraft data are now in ObsPack format, so no need to read separate NIES files

  • Committed [e77210]

    Point and satellite input files are now mildly compressed

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