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  • Created ticket #610 on VStar

    Use Select All to select text/rows in other dialogs along with Copy

  • Committed [r1504]

    #609 Adapt to new APASS/AAVSONet Photometry URL

  • Created ticket #609 on VStar

    Adapt to new APASS/AAVSONet Photometry URL

  • Posted a comment on ticket #608 on VStar

    e.g. for APASS URL

  • Created ticket #608 on VStar

    Plug-ins should be able to return a Preferences pane

  • Modified ticket #328 on VStar

    WWZ statistic goes to zero in the presence of gaps

  • Committed [r1503]

    #605 Hardwired AUIDs no longer work: changed title of Citizen Sky list to "10-Star Tutorial list (North)" and added Southern Gems as "11-Star Tutorial list (South)" as per Sara/HQ's suggestion. A properties file is no longer being used for this. A simpler approach based on a static string and existing method are used instead.

  • Committed [r1502]

    #364 Create VeLa: If the operand type (after VeLa parse) was not double but integer, a zero value was returned from NumberParser

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