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  • Posted a comment on discussion Open Discussion on Inkcut

    Excellent timing, I was just working again with inkcut today and wondered if there was (or should be) a repository somewhere to contribute to. I'll keep an eye on this forum to hear about further developments :-)

  • Created ticket #370 on Exuberant Ctags

    ctags parsing fails on static_assert C++11 keyword

  • Committed [9daa0d]

    Fix typo.

  • Committed [c987d7]

    Clarify the testing documentation a bit and sol...

  • Committed [986048]

    Restructure the testing documentation.

  • Committed [a136c9]

    Replace some weird usage of UserOp1 introduced ...

  • Committed [19c178]

    Use an explicit llvm:: prefix in the STATISTIC ...

  • Committed [0592ed]

    Let Instruction::getOpcodeName() return somethi...

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