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  • Posted a comment on ticket #216 on GATE

    There is now a new release that includes all the latest commits for that plugin:

  • Modified ticket #215 on GATE

    Erro in the plugin gateplugin-Tagger_TagMe

  • Posted a comment on ticket #215 on GATE

    This very likely is not a bug. You probably downloaded the source code instead of the release zip. Either download the reslease zip or if you only download the source code, compile it first. Also, any bugs related to this plugin should get reported to the plugin issue tracker, questions about how to properly install a plugin or encountering problems with that should please go to the GATE user mailing list,

  • Committed [r20247]

    Add the ConText plugin.

  • Committed [r20238]

    Update LF to latest release version.

  • Committed [r20212]

    Point to renamed directory and new version.

  • Committed [r20207]

    Make the -i option understand both directories ...

  • Committed [r20051]

    Bump LearningFramework to latest version 3.6.

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