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  • Posted a comment on ticket #471 on BRL-CAD

    applied this patch with revision 70096 except src/libdm/dm-rtgl.c What was your intention for dm-rtgl.c? In src/libdm/dm-plot.c and dm-ps.c you haven't taken into account that plotmat and psmat aren't references. I corrected this in revision 70097 because otherwise these two would be broken. Open issues: BN_VLIST_DISP_MODE_ON/OFF shouldn't be in a public header because they aren't part of a public interface. In fact, I would simply use 0 and 1. In src/libdm/dm-X.c (and dm-tk.c?) you have a lot of...

  • Committed [r70097]

    as plotmat and psmat aren't references they have to be updated in ~_loadMatrix() too

  • Committed [r70096]

    patch #471 (, version 2017-08-16 (plot.patch), from Shubham Rathore "annotation plot() [REVISED]"

  • Posted a comment on ticket #471 on BRL-CAD

    My findings: In src/libbn/vlist.c: Where do you set flag? (BTW, "flag" is a bad name. If somebody reads the code this doesn't explain its purpose.) The transformation matrix seems to have another format in OpenGl than usual. See e.g. ogl_loadMatrix(). Please, consider this when you handle this matrix. I hesitate to accept your patch because it doesn't look well tested. Please, test your changes first before you upload them. And yes, I know that's not trivial.

  • Committed [r70072]

    not using this - part 2

  • Posted a comment on ticket #471 on BRL-CAD

    I applied your patch althogh the in command crashes mged. But, this shouldn't influence the rest of the program and it makes it easier for me to track your progress. There are two memory issues with your code: ~ Memory management ~ Working with the coordinates Here are my findings in detail: - In BN_VLIST_SET_MODEL_MAT: Why did you wrote _vp->pt[_vp->nused][0] = 0; there? bn_vlist_bbox(): It could be wise to ignore the points while in display_mat mode because they aren't in the model coordinate system....

  • Committed [r69998]

    patch #471 (, version 2017-07-26 (display.patch), from Shubham Rathore "annotation plot() [REVISED]"

  • Posted a comment on ticket #471 on BRL-CAD

    Not really all points, but OK. The change to CMakeLists.txt looks reasonable. But, why don't you have one RT_VLIST_SET_DISP_MAT before the for-loop and one RT_VLIST_SET_MODEL_MAT after it?

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