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  • Committed [r4383]

    Fix a non-impactful bug in the regular expression which extracts translations from COPYDEF instructions.

  • Committed [r4382]

    Switch from blocking undocumented procedures to only allowing documented procedures in the translation tables.

  • Modified ticket #493 on FMSLogo

    Italian localization of SLOWDRAW doesn't affect localized movements

  • Posted a comment on ticket #493 on FMSLogo

    I have committed your update as [r4381]. Thanks for the update. I think the ~ thing was just George's preferred style of bracket (the C++ code looked like that when I took over the project). NOT = is because <> didn't exist when SLOWDRAW was written. I assume that LOCALMAKE was implemented after SLOWDRAW because it's used in other library routines, but both predate my involvement, so that's just speculation. In all three cases, I prefer the style which you used.

  • Committed [r4381]

    Further refinement on fixing Bug #493; the body of SLOWDRAW is now copied into startup-1040.logoscript and then COPYDEF'd to RALLENTA. This addresses an issue where mixing RALLENTA and SLOWDRAW calls resulted in an error when the AVANTI was later run.

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on FMSLogo

    For some reason the file you attached shows all blank pages for me.. I believe this is due to "the mark of the Web", which is a very cool security feature of IE that marks potentially dangerous content (like HTML) as having been downloaded from the Internet using a very cool feature of NTFS called alternate data streams. Enlightened applications know to warn you before you view it. However if you trust me and you trust to authenticate me, you can remove the mark by right-clicking...

  • Committed [r4380]

    Provide some additional guidance for the color names ot future translators.

  • Committed [r4379]

    Update the translation tables to include the color mapping, if available.

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