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  • Committed [296b67]

    uploading the plutonium commodity

  • Committed [8d36c7]

    moving some stuff around

  • Committed [d6d47f]

    uploading another 2 parts of the lady kickstart texture

  • Committed [94a97e]

    added a halo to make it look like it's emitting light

  • Committed [c0f97d]

    stacked the color and light of the squid thruster in 1 file because 2 files made a bad looking blur effect.

  • Committed [113992]

    uploading the armor commodity with a nice material I found on a blender website.

  • Committed [77f0cb]

    uploading another part of the lady kickstart texture

  • Committed [88ee8d]

    modified a texture part because it didn't look so well

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