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  • Committed [r1848]

    some minor Amiga changes all marked

  • Committed [r1867]

    minor amiga changes and changed from SendIO to DoIO

  • Committed [r1868]

    missed a fault in the _popen() function there was a missing '('

  • Committed [r1909]

    minor amiga changes, added a getch() function in misc.c

  • Committed [r2208]

    replaced _popen() and _pclose with a better one.

  • Committed [r2252]

    minor thing, for some reason the head of the _popen function has fallen out of the cvs, and there was a missing #include for the amiga

  • Committed [r2238]

    added for systems that lack snprintf, only include into makefile/project if you lack snprintf

  • Committed [r2237]

    made some changes to the UCON64_RL and UCON64_RU so that it works on case insensitive file systems, that still displays case sensitive, marked with #ifdef AMIGA

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