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Maxima's development history spans three distinct periods: The
research project at MIT, the stewardship of William Schelter and the
current Maxima project.

MACSYMA (Project MAC's SYmbolic MAnipulation System) was developed by
the Mathlab group of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
(originally known as Project MAC), during the years 1969-1972.  Their
work was supported by grants NSG 1323 of the National Aeronautics and
Space Administration, N00014-77-C-0641 of the Office of Naval
Research, ET-78-C-02-4687 of the U.S. Department of Energy, and
F49620-79-C-020 of the U.S. Air Force.  MACSYMA was further modified
for use under the UNIX operating system (for use on DEC VAX computers
and Sun workstations), by Richard Fateman and colleagues at the
University of California at Berkeley; this version of MACSYMA is known

William Schelter developed and maintained this version, Maxima, from
the project's inception until his untimely death in 2001. We are
eternally grateful for his enormous contribution.

William Schelter thanked the following people for having tested
the code under various common lisp implementations, and for helpful

  		(in kcl aosv)
steve@spock.ncsa.uiuc.edu  (Steve on sun/franz common lisp)
spar!malcolm@decwrl.dec.com (malcolm) sun/lucid
raible@orville.nas.nasa.gov (Eric Raible on iris(kcl))
fateman@peoplesparc.Berkeley.EDU (Richard Fateman)

In November, 2001, the Maxima project moved to the Sourceforge
project hosting site.

As of April 2007, the Maxima developers are:

James Amundson
Jorge Barros de Abreu
Jay Belanger
David Billinghurst
Marco Ciampa
Douglas Crosher
Robert Dodier
Andreas Eder
Andrey Grozin
Yasuaki Honda
Stavros Macrakis
Camm Maguire
Volker van Nek
Mario Rodriguez Riotorto
Juan Pablo Romero Bernal
Dan Stanger
Viktor Toth
Raymond Toy
Jaime Villate
Andrej Vodopivec
Barton Willis
Cliff Yapp
Vadim V. Zhytnikov

Former developers as of April 2007:

Mike Clarkson
Steve Horne
Judah Milgram
Paulo Ney de Souza
Sergey Semerikov
Wolfgang Jenkner

Maxima also includes contributions from:

Michel van den Bergh
Karl Berry
Salvador Bosch Pérez
Fedor Bezrukov
Fabrizio Caruso
Ari Constancio
Gosei Furuya
Juan Pablo Hierro Álvarez
Vadim Konovalov
Tim Moore
Guenther Nowak
Kostas Oikonomou
Edmond Orignac
Valerij Pipin
Jose Ramirez Labrador
Ole Rohne
Thomas A. Russ
Marek Rychlik

Starting with version 5.9.0, Maxima uses mk::defsystem and (slightly
modified) run-lisp from the Common Lisp Open Code Collection,

The nregex code was written by Lawrence E. Freil.