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   Maxima 5.29 change log

   New items in core:

 * revised and extended functions for Galois fields

   New items in share:

 * package draw: surfaces in spherical and cylindrical coordinates
 * package draw: new terminals epslatex and epslatex_standalone
 * package draw: multipage terminals
 * package stats: new function title_inference

   Other changes:

 * improve derivative of gamma_incomplete and integral of psi.
 * define orthopoly_weight for assoc_legendre_p
 * define legendre_p and assoc_legendre_p for negative degree
 * minor revision of recurrences in orthopoly
 * simplify treatment of "^" in translator
 * test script for Laplace transform
 * plot2d (launch Gnuplot) for ABCL and Allegro CL
 * update documentation for packages draw and distrib
 * improvements in Windows build machinery
 * special variable clean-up
 * remove some unused code

   Bug fixes: (numbering system changed with SourceForge project upgrade)

 2504 wrong answer for simple limit, limit(sin(x)+1/x, x, inf)=0
 2503 Declaring x as an integer changes result of limit from 3 to inf
 3587362 inverse_erfc(1d-40) wrong
 3587304 erfc(x) for x > 6 is wrong
 3587191 erf inaccurate for small bigfloat values
 3587184 erf inaccurate for small float values
 3581619 Incorrect FFT for input of size 2
 3559064 elliptic_f(2,1) is wrong.
 3536976 "inverse_erf" doesn't allow complex arguments
 3440046 elliptic_f(0.5,1) signals error
 3428734 integrate(bessel_y(1,z),z)  with ?z : 1
 3381301 log(-1.0b0) has small realpart

 unnumbered bugs:

 mailing list 2012-11-16: "Difference in interactivity with two sums"
 mailing list 2012-11-25: "laplace() and tellsimpafter()"
 fix bugs in kron_delta
 return kron_delta nouns in orthopoly, clears up test_orthopoly errors
 fix bug in numericalio: GCL doesn't distinguish single and double floats
 fix bug in negative_binomial_quantile (package descriptive)
 fix Lisp error for "lambert_w(1), numer;" and also generalized_lambert_w
 fix bugs in pattern matcher: handle aa + foo(bb) and aa * foo(bb)
 fix bug in pattern matcher: handle "^" expressions correctly
 fix erfi(-0.15) for GCL

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