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  • Committed [r2109]

    Fix Strict Standards warning when producing CMS code.

  • Modified ticket #123 on WIKINDX

    5.2.1 search issues

  • Posted a comment on ticket #123 on WIKINDX

    This issue might in fact be to do with the possibility that quicksearch and advanced search simply do not take account of creator grouping. Non-alphanumeric characters might have been removed in order to speed up processing of e.g. bibtex key. Solution might be to update database by rewriting that table field correctly.

  • Modified ticket #123 on WIKINDX

    5.2.1 search issues

  • Created ticket #123 on WIKINDX

    5.2.1 issues

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on WIKINDX

    Hi Stellatus, If this is following a search, no. It is possible to list (via browse) by type. We could sort a search by type but then comes the question of how to order those types (there are almost 40 different resource types – books first, articles first, patents first?). You can use advanced search to select particular types refined by other search terms. Regards, Mark

  • Committed [r2107]

    OK. Finally figured out tagging. This folder not needed until we're ready to release 5.2.2 ;)

  • Committed [r2106]

    Updated version no. to 5.2.2

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