Simon Wright

gnatmake is a program to automate the compilation of Ada programs by the GNAT compiler. It uses two environment variables (ADA_INCLUDE_PATH and ADA_OBJECTS_PATH) to control the search path for Ada sources (.adb and .ads) files, library information (.ali) files, and object (.o) files. Directories in which these files are kept make up the GNAT Ada Program Library.

gnatpmake automates the management of these environment variables by the use of a special file (.adapath) which is optionally present in each program library directory. Each .adapath file specifies the paths used for compilation of the library directory in which it is found.

Included are

  • gnatpmake (a sh script), and
  • gnatpmake.man

The .adapath files can be used by an Emacs function adapath to assist with finding source files using the "other file" options or during compilation.

This program is issued under the GNU Public License (version 2).