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Read Me

Please read the COPYING file first.

Please read the INSTALL file if you intend to build from source.

The following packages *MUST* be installed in order for Gramps to work:
   Python 3.2 or greater
   GTK 3.0 or greater
   pygobject 3.3.2 or greater
   cairo, pango, pangocairo with introspection bindings (the gi packages)
   librsvg2 (svg icon view)

The following package is needed for full translation of the interface
to your language:
                    Translation of GTK elements to your language, with
                    xx your language code; e.g. for Dutch you need
                    language-pack-gnome-nl. The translation of the
                    Gramps strings is included with the gramps source.

The following packages are *STRONGLY RECOMMENDED* to be installed:

   osmgpsmap        Used to show maps in the geography view.
                    It may be osmgpsmap, osm-gps-map, or python-osmgpsmap,
                    but the Python bindings for this must also be present.
                    Without this the GeoView will not be active, see

   GraphViz         Enable creation of graphs using GraphViz engine.
                    Without this, three reports cannot be run.
                    Obtain it from:

   PyICU            Improves localised sorting in Gramps. In particular, this
                    applies to sorting in the various views and in the
                    Narrative Web output. It is particularly helpful for
                    non-Latin characters, for non-English locales and on MS
                    Windows and Mac OS X platforms. If it is not available,
                    sorting is done through built-in libraries. PyICU is
                    fairly widely available through the package managers of
                    distributions. See
                    (These are Python bindings for the ICU package.)

The following packages are optional

   gtkspell         Enable spell checking in the notes. Gtkspell depends on
                    enchant. A version of gtkspell with gobject introspection
                    is needed, so minimally version 3.0.0

   rcs              The GNU Revision Control System (RCS) can be used to manage
                    multiple revisions of your family trees. See info at
                    Only rcs is needed, NO python bindings are required

   PIL              Python Image Library is needed to crop
                    images and also to convert non-JPG images to
                    JPG so as to include them in LaTeX output.
                    (For Python3 a different source may be needed,
                    python-imaging or python-pillow or python3-pillow)

   GExiv2           Enables Gramps to manage Exif metadata embedded in your
                    media. Gramps needs version 0.5 or greater.

   ttf-freefont     More font support in the reports

   gir-webkit       GObject introspection data of WebKit is required for the
                    hidden view 'Htmlview', which allows websites to be
                    opened in Gramps. Users can unhide the view in the
                    plugin manager.  A html renderer must be installed to
                    use the view.
                    !! PACKAGERS, Test if on your distribution
                    webkit and Gramps is stable. If you obtain crashes, patch
                    src/plugins/view/ and
                    src/plugins/view/, so as to remove:
                       from gi.repository import WebKit as webkit

                    Required for the (user-downloadable) Graphview plugin

No longer needed in 4.0:
   pygoocanvas, pygtk, pyexiv2
No longer needed in 3.3:
   python-enchant Enchant
No longer needed in 3.2:
   python glade bindings
No longer needed in 3.1:
   yelp             Gnome help browser. At the moment no help is shipped

The User Manual is now maintained on the gramps website,

The Gramps Project

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