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  • Committed [48dd8a]

    commands: standardize parents command meta data

  • Committed [a33d19]

    gendoc: add missing space in command synopsis

  • Committed [aad0c3]

    Fix wording in hg pull documentation

  • Committed [4b02fc]

    Fix hg heads -r flag documentation

  • Posted a comment on ticket #6478 on ScummVM

    I think the bug reporter means that there are no footsteps in the first-person s...

  • Created ticket #6474 on ScummVM

    NEVERHOOD: When quitting thru menu, game screen is shown for a moment

  • Created ticket #6473 on ScummVM

    NEVERHOOD: Looping sounds have a slight pause between loops

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2003-08-29 10:01:51


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