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  • Created ticket #7139 on ScummVM

    BBVS: Undefined behavior - shift of a negative value

  • Created ticket #7132 on ScummVM

    GUI: Launcher flickers when removing a game with a filter

  • Modified ticket #7117 on ScummVM

    NEVERHOOD: Unsupported early demo

  • Created ticket #7125 on ScummVM

    GUI/AGI: Predictive dialog glitches when two buttons are pressed at once

  • Modified ticket #7101 on ScummVM

    GUI: Hovered-over button doesn't highlight after a modal dialog closes

  • Posted a comment on ticket #7101 on ScummVM

    The main issue in this bug was fixed by the pull request mentioned above. Opened...

  • Created ticket #7124 on ScummVM

    GUI: Buttons don't highlight when mouse press is released over them

  • Created ticket #7123 on ScummVM

    GUI: Tab scroll buttons should be disabled when they have no effect

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